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Product Solutions

We understand that your plant may be a multimillion dollar facility working around the clock to provide products to homes, businesses, and government. In such large and intricate settings, it is sometimes easy to overlook small but important servocontrols, which govern position, acceleration, speed and force on the machines doing the work. But don't let their small size fool you. Servocontrols, and the hydraulic environments they control, play an important part in the big picture. So important, in fact, that if something goes wrong with them, say fluid contamination or the erosion of a precision component, something will go wrong with the whole machine, stopping productivity, causing unscheduled downtime, disrupting the flow of products to thousands of customers, and costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue. There may be loss of productivity leading to a chain reaction of incomplete order fulfillment, late shipping schedules, and missed opportunities.

There is a product solution team which will help prevent these emergencies. ServoCon ALPHA. Since the founding of the companies, we have provided product solutions for servocontrols, solenoid valves, manual hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, and every peripheral component in the fluid loop. This means we have developed the right equipment, the right philosophy, and have the right people to furnish your fluid power products. We have specific recommendations for our customers before, during, and after performing maintenance on their equipment.

We approach our manufacturing, remanufacturing, analysis, consultation and sales work as scientists and professionals, but there is nothing cold about our service or the people who work here. We maintain all of our accounts as personal relationships, not just account numbers or entries in our computers. We are a small company with excellent internal communication, and we extend that to our customers. We are the industries most respected servocontrols facility, not a hydraulic shop, but a clean state-of-the-art laboratory. We provide fluid reporting, including spectrochemical analysis. ServoCon ALPHA has the most thorough and accurate manufacturing, diagnostic and restorative services available. We offer an excellent sales team providing solutions with the finest products obtainable. Work that is 100% warranted by people who are 100% committed.

In preparation for machine maintenance, the first thing we recommend is that the stock of replacement parts be checked and evaluated as to form, fit and function. The spares on the shelf, thought to be new or acceptable for reuse, may need repair or replacement because of oxidation (rust) on sealing surfaces or metering edges of valves, cylinders, pumps, or filters. Most failure occurrences can be eliminated by dynamic testing prior to the need of the component during the maintenance. We have test fixtures, manifolds, and final test equipment to simulate the actual use of the component.

We provide new parts and components for those that fail the tests, and we offer top value trade-in for any usable parts from the unrecoverable units. We suggest replacement valves and retrofit kits when units become obsolete. We also offer flushing blocks, flushing valves, filter elements, component seal kits, and internal servovalve filter elements. We test and provide report sheets by serial number for all components tested at no additional charge. For some areas, we can pick up and deliver the components and have them back to you before the maintenance begins.

We recommend that you make a list of long delivery items and get them on order ASAP. Make a list of items not kept as spares and notify the ServoCon ALPHA Account Specialist for your area so that special seals and parts can be ordered prior to the maintenance. At this time a fluid sample should be sent to determine if a change will be necessary. We will notify you promptly as to the condition of the fluid so we can recommend when to use flushing fluids and when a change out is necessary. Many delays can and will occur if these steps are overlooked.

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