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We have revised our fundamental corporate administration documents for ServoCon and ALPHA. A statement of our unifying principles and the charters of our board with a description of their key practices are included. The actions described in these documents, which the Board of Directors have reviewed and approved, implement requirements of the corporations as well our own vision of good management.

In preparing and making public these documents, we are guided by some basic ideas. What we say to our customers is how we run the business inside the corporations and our word is our bond. Our governance involves not just the letter of the writings but the spirit of them as well. We will change the documents promptly when it is necessary.

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At the core of corporate administration, of course, is the role of the board of directors in overseeing how management serves the long-term interests of the corporations. An active, informed, independent and involved board is essential for ensuring our integrity, transparency and strength. In addition to the statements in the corporate section, the board has fundamental responsibilities. They are to select, evaluate and compensate the CEO and oversee CEO succession planning; provide counsel and oversight on the selection, evaluation and compensation of senior management; review, approve and monitor fundamental financial and business strategies and major corporate actions; understand the major risks facing the company and approve steps to alleviate those risks; and to ensure structures and processes are in place to protect and advance the company's integrity and reputation.

To discharge such responsibilities in companies as diverse as ServoCon ALPHA requires board members with broad experience and independent judgment. ServoCon ALPHA board members, whether employee directors or non-employee directors, have superior experience and judgment. They are persons of incomparable reputation and integrity who have never failed to speak their minds and advance the companies interests. Directors meet at least once a year and more often if they wish to do so. The non-employee directors will be expected to visit the facilities every year, without senior management being present, so they can interact freely and directly with business leaders of ServoCon ALPHA’s core group. Directors are to probe with hard questions which stretch management so that, within a context of mutual respect, board meetings deal in depth with the core issues that ServoCon ALPHA confronts. By the same token, directors are to have even greater involvement and participation in ServoCon ALPHA, advising the management team. Directors are our most constructive critics and our wisest counselors. In short, they are to be engaged and committed partners in the task of continuing to make ServoCon ALPHA a great company.

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