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Paper and Wood Products

Hydraulic tie-rod cylinders on paper machines
Hydraulic cylinders are specified as part of the automated control system for paper reel lifting, loading, supporting and positioning operations on many paper machines.

Hydraulic cylinders are specified as part of the automated control system for paper reel lifting, loading, supporting and positioning operations on many paper machines. Automated reeling is an essential operation in the production and finishing of paper, board and tissue. It is a continuous process that is only interrupted by reel changes when the parent reel diameter has reached a predetermined value.

Continuously increasing machine speeds are driving the trend towards larger parent reels in order to limit the total number of reel changes per day. Reelers represent the leading edge in this technology. Linear load, tension and torque can be optimised for all grades of paper and board. Typically, reelers feature between 15 and 20 specially hydraulic tie-rod cylinders to control the movements of the primary devices, lowering arms and secondary carriages. Most of the cylinders employ integrated linear transducers to provide accurate position feedback and ensure that the movement of the primary devices and secondary carriages is perfectly synchronised. The main sections of the reeler are the frame, reel spool storage and reeling drum. Reeling is carried out against the reel drum.

The primary devices receive empty reel spools from the storage area above the reel drum, lock the empty reel spool with locking clamps operated by cylinders, turn the reel spool to the tail threading and turn-up position, and deliver the reel spool to the secondary devices after turn-up.

Cylinders are controlling the secondary carriages then adjust the linear load between the reel drum and parent roll in order to reach an optimum roll structure, and deliver the full parent roll after turn-up. Turn-up devices guide the paper sheet from the parent roll around the empty reel spool and cut it during the turn-up sequence. The secondary carriage cylinders feature linear transducers that feedback information relating to the diameter of the parent roll.

Whether forestry, sawmills or furniture production – the requirements of the wood industry facing us are more demanding than in any other branch of industry. In order to overcome the competition, many factors must work together in perfect excellence. Higher material throughput, better exploitation of material, greater flexibility and lower tolerances are what the market demands. Very few providers can satisfy the expectations of machine manufacturers and users like ServoCon ALPHA does: through application expertise, innovative products and the philosophy of offering not just individual components but, above all, system solutions. These solutions include powerful components and systems, which themselves work reliably under the toughest conditions, but also techniques for achieving high productivity and maximum flexibility. ServoCon ALPHA offers the wood working and wood processing industries convincing answers to practically all questions about fluid power control technology.

More speed
Thanks to dynamic, electrohydraulic positioning systems, highly dynamic linear motors and linear guides and high-speed spindle drives and re-circulating ball screws.

More precision
Thanks to high-precision electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motion axes – precisely guided by profile rail guides and optionally equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic weight compensation.

Greater availability
We are grateful for high-quality products for tough industrial use, and through global service that extends over numerous technologies, with expertise and preventive maintenance concepts.

Objective technical advice increases your productivity
ServoCon ALPHA increases your productivity with solutions from hydraulics and fluid power control technology. Because we at ServoCon ALPHA have the relevant technology experience, we can give you objective advice on which of these is the most suitable for you. So you receive the best components for your systems. And our performance is rounded off by a full after sales program to increase system availability.

Lifting and lowering loads evenly, executing straight-line or rotating movements, complying with preset speeds, moving to precise positions: ServoCon ALPHA hydraulics in conjunction with modern closed-loop control technology impress our customers with their precision and long life.

ServoCon ALPHA sells and services hydraulic components to customers who manufacture wood and paper products using machines with controls systems from the pulp to finished products.

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