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Metal Forming

Machines which perform Solid metal and molten metal processes such as casting, forging, stamping and machining.

ServoCon ALPHA's products are used in the process areas listed below:

Stamping is a term used to refer to various press forming operations in coining, embossing, blanking, and pressing. A process of forming metals by applying pressure into their surface, usually strip or sheet.

Coining is a compressive metal flowing action or a closed-die squeezing operation in which all surfaces of a work piece are confined or restrained, resulting in a well-defined imprint of the die on the work. It is a re-striking operation used to sharpen or change an existing radius or profile.

Embossing is a process for producing raised or sunken designs or relief in sheet material by means of male and female dies, theoretically with no change in metal thickness or by passing sheet or a strip of metal by passing between rolls of desired pattern. (See patterned or embossed sheet). Examples are letters, ornamental pictures, and ribs for stiffening. Heavy embossing and coining are similar operations.

This is the group of processes in which a shape is generated by removing unwanted material. Machining can be used to make a component from stock material but more often it is used as a secondary process to impart a shape or a level of precision to a manufactured component that cannot be achieved otherwise. Shape restrictions exist for some machining processes.

Blanking is the operation of punching, cutting, or shearing a piece out of stock to a predetermined shape. Die cutting of the outside shape of a part.

Pressing is accomplished by an open-frame single-action press used to bend, blank, corrugate, curl, notch, perforate, pierce, or punch sheet metal or plate.

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