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ServoCon ALPHA is a leader worldwide selling and repairing electrohydraulic servocontrols for power generation facilities. Servoactuators are a part of the hydraulic circuit in many servo systems that control turbine speed in both steam and gas power generating units. They are also be called ControlPacs. Servoactuators are used in the majority of applications to convert fluid energy into straight line motion.

Servoactuators are manufactured in a variety of diameters, stroke lengths, and mounting styles. They may be classified, according to construction, into four types: tie-rod, threaded, welded and flanged. Servoactuators are also made using retaining rings. The major components of a servoactuator are the control block, head, cap, tube, tie rods, piston, piston rod, rod bearings and seals. Servoactuators are classified as follows:

  • Standard Double-Acting
  • Single-Acting
  • Double-Rod
  • Spring Return, Single Acting
  • Ram Type, Single Acting
  • Telescoping
  • Tandem
ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA

Duplex Actuators are a part of the hydraulic circuit in many servo systems. Sometimes these units are called servoactuators as well when servovalves are an integral part of the unit. Sometimes it is difficult to tell where the actuator ends and the other components begin. Actuators are linear or rotary and may have transducers for closed loop control. The rotary actuators are either vane or rack and pinion.

Vane Actuators provide the maximum amount of output torque from the smallest possible envelope size. They convert fluid power pressure into rotary motion for a wide variety of industrial applications. Two basic styles are available. Single vane models usually have a maximum rotation of 280°. Double vane units produce twice the torque from the identical envelope dimensions and have a maximum rotation of 100°.

Rotary Actuators convert fluid power into rotary motion for a wide variety of industrial applications. Through the use of a pressurized fluid, system pressure is applied to a rotary piston inside a cylinder which, by means of a rack and pinion gear, turns a shaft rendering rotary motion. This motion is transferred through the shaft to the application machinery which requires motion such as upending, turning, roll over, tilting, indexing, transferring mixing or valve operating. ServoCon ALPHA maintains a complete stock of raw materials to manufacture a variety of wear related parts used in several hundred types of actuators used in machines for products and controls for our market place.

Many times there are actuators having simply a solenoid control valve to change the direction of movement.

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