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High pressure (HP) and Low pressure (LP) line filters provide full flow protection for servo and other type hydraulic systems. These filters are available with filtration ratings of 3 to 25 microns. Spin on (LP) filters are used in return lines or HP filters may be purchased with or without internal bypass which provides continuous protection. Opening of a filter by-pass valve could dump contaminates and cause serious system damage. They are rated at 3000 psi. Dirt alarms for HP filters are available with a visual indicator or electrical switch.

High collapse strength elements prevent contamination of the system and are rugged, leak proof enclosures which permit quick replacement of elements. All fiter housing inlet and outlet ports have SAE O-ring bosses for quick, leak free connections.

ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA

Return line filters provide full flow filtration in system return lines. These low pressure (LP) units are rated at 150 psi and are available with filtration ratings of 3 to 20 micron. The filter element is contained in a convenient, spin-on, throwaway cartridge. LP filters incorporate a bypass valve to eliminate cold starting problems. The optional dirt alarm actuates before the bypass valve opens. This gives the operator warning of impending bypass operation. The alarm switch includes an automatic reset to avoid the need for manual reset following cold starts.

Filter elements can also be sent in for cleaning and bubble point testing. This simple and inexpensive service may save you time and money.

Click here for a filter brochure (PDF).

For filters sold and serviced, see Product Manufacturers.

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