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Hydraulic fluid power control systems for automotive manufacturers

Our product range in the business area of Automotive includes fluid power controls used on automatic or robotic paint sprayers, spot welders, pipe benders, injection molders, material test systems, EDM machines, tire endurance and uniformity offering hydraulic and servocontrol solutions where you need large power in a limited space.

With over 30 years of experience in fluid power products, we are able to offer solutions for all needs of hydraulic control. We offer a wide range of standard products within the business areas of Automotive and Industrial. We have the knowledge and the resources for custom made solutions.

Thanks to our R&D and production capacity in Fishersville, Virginia we are able to fulfill our customers’ specific demands in a fast and effective way.

To get a quick overview of the products ServoCon ALPHA is offering, we recommend that you see our different business areas. Click on the links in the menu on the left. For more information about our products, see our Product Description area for a specific component or system. We can send specific information about the products that interest you.

ServoCon ALPHA is building fluid power control business in the truck and passenger car testing systems area including:

  • advanced 6-degree-of-freedom road simulator controls to support vehicle modeling
  • analysis, design and virtual testing
  • vehicle and component testing systems to fulfill the missions of gaining a competitive edge for its client companies

ServoCon ALPHA is a global supplier of products used to provide simulation solutions that help customers accelerate and improve their design, development and manufacturing processes. We supply products for determining the mechanical behavior of materials, products and structures, including computer-based testing and products for simulation systems.

See also Testing.

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