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Material Test Systems
Many of the control systems use servohydraulic technology to provide the forces necessary for static tension, compression, bend and flexure testing. Typical machine manufacturers are Instron and MTS.

ServoCon ALPHA is supplying products and services for universal testing machines that are performing tensile and compression testing modes within a single frame. Select frames are capable of reverse stress testing. Other test types may include shear, peel, tear, and cyclic testing. Some of these universal testing machines include the most rugged and durable fluid power products ever made. However; because of the high number of cycles (millions) the shafts, seals and glands in the cylinders and the spools in the control valves wear. ServoCon ALPHA manufacturers the wear related components in these systems. If you are looking for the specialized hydraulic products used in them we can assist you. Typical materials tested are metal samples, concrete, rebar, tube and pipe, stranded wire, steel bar, steel plate, fasteners, and wood and high strength composites.

Hydraulic Control System products used on the testers for:

  • Aircraft and automobile tires (wear and endurance)
  • Asphalt testers
  • Automotive shock absorbers (wear and endurance)
  • Automobile, train and truck road and track emulators
  • Concrete compression testers
  • Earthquake emulation
  • Helicopter blade and aircraft wing flexing
  • Horizontal machines for wire, rope, and cable testing
  • Product strength and life testers
  • Spring testers
  • Safety rams

ServoCon ALPHA has a full service static and dynamic testing servolab to serve you. Our facilities will provide you with the controls, electrohydraulic and other fluid power products used in vibration testing, shock testing and acceleration testing to MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-167 and other specifications, including sine, random, sine on random, and random on random vibration tests, as well as simulated and true pyro-shock capabilities to 100,000 g’s.

Truck manufacturers have experienced explosive growth in the 1980s. This growth allowed great strides in trailer technology and more efficient service to customers. In 1980, manufacturers have begun to install computer-controlled Road Simulation Equipment in their Research and Development facilities. The road simulator can subject a trailer to 10 years of stress in 50 hours.

Our product range in the business area of automotive includes fluid controlled machines used on automatic paint sprayers, spot welders, pipe benders, injection molders, material test systems, EDM machines, tire endurance and uniformity machines offering hydraulic and servocontrol solutions.

Exceptional Vibe Capabilities
ServoCon ALPHA products that are used on vibration testing equipment will generate up to 70,000 force pounds. One system a seismic simulation shaker is used for telecom and MIL-STD-167 testing provides 10.5 inch stroke.

Faced with rigid quality assurance requirements, a world leader in the production of plastic pipe needed to perform both tensile tests on pipe sections and compression tests on pipe as large as 102" (259 cm) in diameter. This type of piping is used for water supply systems, sanitary sewer lines, power plant cooling systems and other industrial applications.

ServoCon ALPHA provides fluid power controls used in Multi-Axial Simulation Tables. There are more than 50 tables in over 20 companies and institutions worldwide. ServoCon ALPH offers you a range of standard servovalve, pump, filter and cylinder types for different payloads. What's more, our fluid power products are capable of providing excitation levels typical of those seen by ground vehicle body structures in their service environment.

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