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ServoCon ALPHA provides this fluid data for the FYRQUEL fluid used in EHC systems in the power industry for keeping fluid parameters monitored and to optimize fluid life.

Steam turbine manufacturers have long recognized the need for fire retardant fluids to minimize the fire hazards associated with leaks from mineral oil systems onto insulated steam lines and hot turbine surfaces.

With the development of high pressure electrohydraulic control (EHC) systems, the demand for improved safety became evident. The turbine manufacturers decided to use fire retardant phosphate esters in the EHC systems.

After the systems were developed in the late 1960s EHC systems were further improved and the resultant close tolerances made fluid cleanliness extremely important in reducing servovalve and other component erosions. This led to the introduction of FYRQUEL which was specifically developed to meet the high standards demanded by the turbine manufacturers.

FYRQUEL EHC fluid with the proper fluid maintenance has minimized much of the erosion problem. Keeping fluid parameters with a low particle count, a low chlorine count and high resistivity will contribute to reliable and trouble free service.

ServoCon ALPHA introduced a (PFM) Programmed Fluid Maintenance program to monitor the hydraulic fluid in operation. This program analyzes key fluid properties in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements to assure a clean FYRQUEL EHC fluid with maximum operational life in the equipment. FYRQUEL has given over 50 million hours of safe use to steam turbine customers.

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