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Repair and Testing

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At ServoCon ALPHA, we have the engineering and manufacturing ability to design highly precise products and test equipment for your custom machinery or parts. We can work with your engineers or independently to develop the testing or product solution that you need.

The ServoCon ALPHA Repair Group provides complete hydraulic repair service. Using custom diagnostic equipment, our hydraulic repair technicians evaluate performance characteristics after the repair and recommend solutions. Our service technicians have countless years of experience repairing and evaluating hydraulic equipment and continually broaden their expertise by attending training courses and seminars. You are assured of getting a product that will work once it has been reinstalled into your system. Whether you need a directional valve or piston pump repaired, ServoCon ALPHA is the one to call.

ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA

ServoCon ALPHA's manufacturing department is where it all comes together. With a full time staff of engineers, we can design your system in house, therefore cutting down on engineering time. Once the design work has been done, then our manufacturing groups go to work. Whether it is a pump/motor group, custom control panel, power unit or a combination of all three, we coordinate these groups to produce your system as quickly as possible without jeopardizing the quality of the unit. When the unit is completed, a series of inspections are done to ensure that the unit is built properly and to your specifications. The unit is then crated and shipped to it's final destination, but ServoCon ALPHA's services don't stop there. We can have our highly trained installation experts waiting to properly install the unit into your existing system and have you running again as soon as possible.

One of the biggest trends that we have seen with our customers is the need to be able to find out the status of a machine from a remote location. If a production machine is not able to run, know if there are any maintenance alarms so that a repair person can get the machine up and running. If a filter needs to be changed in a hydraulic power unit, so that preventative maintenance can be scheduled.

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