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O-rings, seals, and repair kits in stock

ServoCon ALPHA has a complete list of seal kits for fluid power products. The kits and their applications are listed below: If your component is new to the list, please call your Account Specialist to get price and availability, and we will stock your kit. Kits include solenoid valve or servovalve base seals, complete valves and complete cylinders. The kits may not be broken and include back-up rings and wipers. They are as follows:

A9990001 Kit, Base O-RIng Moog 76; Moog 760
A9990002 Kit, Base O-ring Abex 415
A9990003 Kit, Base O-ring Abex 450
A9990004 Kit, O-ring GE#155C6610 P001
A9990005 Kit, Filter Housing Moog Filter Housing
A9990006 Kit, Base O-ring Abex 450 Flushing
A9990007 Kit, Servovalve O-ring Ultra 4551, ADB B251
A9990008 Kit, Servovalve O-ring Moog 63-500
A9990013 Kit, Seal Parker
A9990014 Kit, Seal Parker # RKGDHL0135
A9990015 Kit, Base O-ring

Parker 3W4BVY13 Vickers DG4

A9990016 Kit, Base O-ring Parker SR6MMV11X0821
A9990017 Kit, Base O-ring Denison D1D12-33-103-01-04-100WS5
A9990018 Kit, Base O-ring Teledyne HP 1262200
A9990019 Kit, Base O-ring Abex 425 5 Port
A9990020 Kit, Base O-ring Denison R1U1253YS4, R2V-12-333-S4
A9990021 Kit, Base O-ring GE Block #125C9582; GE Valve #176C3403-1
A9990022 Kit, Base O-ring GE#137D2440 P0001 Abex 425
A9990023 Kit, Base O-ring Moog 73 Series Servovalve
A9990024 Kit, Base O-ring Denison R2V
A9990025 Kit, Base O-ring CV20-531-S4
A9990026 Kit, Base O-ring Z0013100
A9990027 Kit, Base O-ring ETD Flushing Valve
A9990028 Kit, Base O-ring Dump Valve
A9990029 Kit, Base O-ring Moog 30 Series
A9990030 Kit, Base O-ring Abex 410
A9990031 Kit, Soft Cyl Miller 4000J83A
A9990032 Kit, Soft Cyl Aeroquip SH2
A9990033 Kit, Base O-ring Moog 72
A9990034 Kit, Seal PL3025
A9990035 Kit, Seal PL305 E
A9990036 Kit, Seal PL2071
A9990037 Kit, Base O-ring Skinner A14LX3
A9990038 Kit, Seal Aeroquip TJ 33199021-002
A9990039 Reapair Kit Aeroquip TJ33182025
A9990040 Kit, Base O-ring ETD Flushing Valve
A9990041 Repair Kit Alpha Z0158000
A9990042 O-ring Kit Abex 425
A9990047 Seal Kit ????????????
A9990048 Kit, Base O-ring Moog 743F003A
A9990049 Kit, Base O-ring Moog G771K
A9990050 Kit, base O-ring Moog G772K
Z9000001 Kit, Filter Tool Disposable
Z9000002 Kit, Filter Tool Mechanics
Z9000003 Kit, Mounting Trip Flushing Valve
Z9000004 Kit, Mounting ETD Flushing Valve
Z9000005 Kit, Mounting Abex 415 Flushing Abex 410 Flushing
Z9000006 Kit, Mounting Parker D3W Flushing Valve
Z9000007 Kit, Mounting Abex 415
Z9000008 Kit, Mounting Vivkers DG4 Flushing Block
Z9000009 Kit, Mounting Abex 425
Z9000010 Kit, Mounting Moog 76
Z9000011 Kit, Strainer Abex 410, 415, 425
Z9000012 Kit, Strainer Abex 410, 415, 425
Z9000013 Kit, Mounting Abex 450
Z9000017 Kit, Installation Abex 450
Z9000018 Kit, Installation Moog 760
Z9000019 Kit, Installation Z0013100
Z9000020 Kit, Installation AEPCO ETD Flushing Valve
Z9000021 Kit, Installation Abex 415 Flushing Valve
Z9000022 Kit, Installation Parker D3W Flushing
Z9000023 Kit, Installation Abex 415 Plate
Z9000024 Kit, Installation Vickers DG4 Flushing
Z9000025 Kit, Installation Abex 425 Flushing Valve
Z9000026 Kit, Mounting GE888C831.03 Flushing Block Assy.
Z9000027 Kit, Mounting GE 843E704G3 FLushing Block Assembly
Z9000028 Kit, Mounting Abex 425 Flushing Block Assembly Moog 72 Flushing Valve Assembly
Z9000029 Kit, Installation Abex 410 Flushing Valve Assembly
Z9000030 Kit, Installation Moog 72 Flushing Valve Assembly
Z9000031 Kit, Installation R2V Denison Relief Valve
Z9000032 Kit, Fitting Right and Left Wesintghouse Reheat
Z9000033 Kit, Fitting Right and Left Wesintghouse Reheat
Z9000034 Kit, Mounting Skinner A14LX3
Z9000035 Kit, Installation Skinner A14LX3
Z9000036 Kit, Mounting TJ 33199021-002 Cyl
Z9000037 Kit, Cyl. Installation TJ 33199021-002 Cyl; WE 869C740-1
Z9000038 Kit, Mounting FD4 DNKS 102 S52 Racine Solenoid
Z9000039 Kit, Installation FD4 DNKS 102 S52 Racine Solenoid Valve
Z9000041 Kit, Mounting Moog Extender Block
Z9000042 Kit, Filter Tool Moog 743 Servovalve
Z9990034 Kit, Seal CPV/CAT 365-1-H
Z9990035 Kit, Seal CPV/CAT .665-2
Z9990036 Kit, Seal CPV/CAT .665-6

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