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Hydrostatic Drives

  • Strokers

ServoCon ALPHA offers solutions for various vehicles, both at the component level. Our product range makes it possible to cover low, medium and high powered applications with propulsion drives and closed loop auxiliary drives. Controls from ServoCon ALPHA can be used in a wide range of mobile applications. The ServoCon ALPHA product base consists of standard products and customer tailored solutions.

Features and benefits

  • Pumps and motors for closed circuit applications
  • Compact and light weight
  • Flushing valve option for motors
  • Reliability and performance
  • Filtration options for pumps
  • Field experience

Axial piston variable displacement

  • Several different displacements
  • Complete family of control systems
  • Through drives for auxiliary pumps
  • Pressures up to 350 bar (5076 psi)
  • Pressures up to 450 bar (6019 psi)

Axial piston variable displacement pumps

  • High through-drive capability
  • High power
  • 6 different displacements
  • Complete family of control systems
  • Manual displacement controls (MDC)
  • Electrical displacement controls (EDC)
  • Hydraulic displacement controls (HDC)
  • Electrical automotive controls (NFPE)
  • Compact and light weight
  • Closed circuit
  • Pressures up to 480 bar (6962 psi)

ServoCon ALPHA valves for hydroststic drives are designed to be flexible, which allows them to meet virtually any need. The modularity of our proportional and directional valves, the variety of our cartridge valves—as well as the flexibility of our electrohydraulic products—allows ServoCon ALPHA valves to be used in applications ranging from road building and construction machinery to agriculture and forestry equipment.

Proportional valves
Our proportional valves are available individually or as one combined assembly. We have a hydraulic load-sensing valve designed to give maximum flexibility. It is available in many versions, from a simple load sensing directional valve to an advanced electrically controlled load-independent proportional valve. The module capability makes it possible to build up a valve group to precisely meet your requirements. The compact external dimensions of the valve remain unchanged whatever combination is specified.

Directional control valves
ServoCon ALPHA offers mobile control valves for applications up to 100 lpm (26 gpm). Typical uses include, but are not limited to, controlling hydraulic systems in construction, agriculture, turf care and aerial lift markets.

Our line of directional control valves are available as monoblock, stack or mono-stack; series, parallel or tandem. Mono-block valves are offered in one, two and three section units. Stack valves can have as many as twelve sections. Mono-stack valves in parallel circuit combine the lower manufacturing cost of a monoblock with the versatility of a stack valve; two to six spools are standard. The mono-stack design eliminates between-section leakage and spool bind.


  • Standard parallel circuit valves equipped with handles
  • Joystick control options
  • Various check options (load, pilot-operated, low-leakage)
  • Range of port sizes
  • Paint protection available
  • Add-on spool section for applications requiring cylinder ports (mono-stack option)
  • Custom-designed valves available

ServoCon ALPHA offers motor-mounted valve blocks to control the speed and/or maximum torque of the motor. There are countless application possibilities in the mobile, marine and industrial fields.

ServoCon ALPHA offers flow and pressure regulating cartridge valves.

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