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Cylinders are a part of the hydraulic or pneumatic circuit in many servo systems. Sometimes these units are called servoactuators when servovalves are an integral part of the unit. Cylinders, sometimes called linear actuators in the majority of applications are used to convert fluid energy into straight line motion.

Cylinders are manufactured in a variety of diameters, stroke lengths, and mounting styles. They may be classified, according to construction, into four types: tie-rod, threaded, welded and flanged. Cylinders are also made using retaining rings. The major components of a cylinder are the head, cap, tube tie rods, piston, piston rod, rod bearings and seals. Cylinders are classified as Standard Double-Acting, Single-Acting, Double-Rod, Spring Return, Single Acting, Ram Type, Single Acting, Telescoping, Tandem and Duplex.

ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA

ServoCon ALPHA has been rebuilding cylinders for over 30 years and has developed a line of cylinder designs that are used in the most difficult environments in industry without failure for periods longer than 10 years with millions of operations. Cylinders are installed in applications that present misalignment challenges. Actuated stems or other load envelopes are in positions that do not allow for rigidity in shaft alignment while the system is actuating. This misalignment may cause a side load condition, even though cam followers are used for alignment, resulting in gland and seal wear and ultimately external leakage. Although ServoCon ALPHA VPac seal designs are the best in the market and minimize wear due this side load problem. There still exists, in systems with cylinders that use pivoting, clevis, ball joint and spring return mountings wear conditions that require some maintenance. ServoCon ALPHA stocks thousands of the seals, glands, tie rods, heads, tail blocks, barrels and shafts for these cylinders. This is an area where we can advise and maximize your uptime by installing the best cylinder gland designs. If you choose to use our superior design suggestions and implement them in your applications you will improve uptime and minimize wear.

Click here for a cylinder brochure (PDF).

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