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Power Generation

  • Electric Utilities
  • Paper Mills
  • Process Plants

ServoCon ALPHA is on the cutting edge of fluid power products used in steam turbine control technology, we offer a wide array of technological products that meet requirements that are challenging. Using an integrated approach that includes parts, service, repair and component systems design, we deliver results that contribute to our customers’ success.

There are 530 GW of steam turbine capacity in more than 5,600 units which have been installed or are on order from GE alone. ServoCon ALPHA is assisting power generating plants to optimize their operation and maintenance strategy to significantly influence plant profitability. We are actively working not only with the users of GE systems but Siemens Westinghouse, ABB and Toshiba turbine users. Steam turbines can be found in fossil-fired, combined cycle, integrated gasification combined cycle, industrial, petrochemical and nuclear plants around the globe. Throughout the range of sizes and applications, steam turbines provide high reliability, sustained high efficiency and ease of maintenance. We are also seeing demand for our services in the Combustion turbine controls which use much of the same technology.

ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA ServoCon ALPHA

Electricity and steam sales revenue comprise 100% of the revenue sources for plants. Operating expenses, fuel and operation and maintenance comprise the largest cost element, followed by financing costs (interest and principal), and local, state and federal taxes. The net cash income is typically 5% to 15% of revenues. For an operating plant in a competitive market, the $/MWH revenue stream is generally fixed, as are financing costs and taxes. Improvements to project profitability must come from improving fuel efficiency, increasing plant capacity, increasing availability and decreasing operation and maintenance costs. Modest improvements from a successful operation and maintenance strategy can have a huge leverage effect on plant profitability.

ServoCon ALPHA is committed to this optimization of profit strategy as we produce the most competitive products and services available for these plants around the world. We design and re-manufacture assemblies and components used on turbines for nuclear, gas, coal and refuse steam generation. We have many products and services for turbine control applications.

Power Generation Experience:

  • Large Steam
  • Medium Steam
  • Large and Small Frame Industrial Gas
  • Synthetic Gas
  • Dual Fuel
  • Combined Cycle

Typical Control Applications:

  • Bleed Valve
  • Combustion By-pass
  • Gaseous Fuel
  • Governor
  • Inlet Guide Vane
  • Intercept
  • Liquid Fuel
  • Main Control
  • Reheat
  • Steam Admission
  • Steam By-Pass
  • Steam Extraction
  • Stop
  • Throttle

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