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Some say the cost of used servocontrols has decreased enough that solenoid and proportional controlled systems can and should consider the technology.

We agree. The improved speed, accuracy and reliability and reduction in scrap waste that a used servocontrol affords your production line will eventually pay for itself. The question is: How long are you willing to wait for that payoff?

A quality used or exchanged servocontrol purchased from ServoCon ALPHA gives you immediate value. You pay less initially and, thanks to our high standards on all rebuilt, reconditioned and repaired used units we sell, you can gain excellent returns on your investment for years to come.

Although ServoCon ALPHA has built its reputation for incredible, quality service on new and used servovalves employed in the automotive, power generation, defense, food processing, packaging and other industries, we are ready and able to put our extensive experience to use for any industry that can benefit from servocontrolled automation.

You tell us what you do, the motion you need completed and the speed at which you need it done, and we'll tell you if there's a servocontrol system solution for the job.

If you need to adapt your existing servocontrols to a new task, again, ServoCon ALPHA is the team to call. We can help you define the specific capabilities you need to achieve, as well as provide the design and build the proper solution system for the job.

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