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Systems (Electric and Hydraulic)

  • Turbine Control Valves

ServoCon ALPHA designs, manufactures and installs control pacs, integrated power units, lubrication systems and process pumping packages for a multitude of industrial applications and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As an innovator and problem-solver, the Hydraulic Systems Group constantly explores new technologies, providing customers with the unique solutions to their fluid power requirements.

Whether we have provided you with a system to increase your efficiency or a component to get your machine up and running again, we don't stop there. ServoCon ALPHA can install and fit these items into your system. Our technicians, working together with your electricians or maintenance personnel, can seamlessly integrate new systems or parts into your existing equipment.

ServoCon ALPHA’s Instrumentation and Service provides a complete field diagnostic service on all types of hydraulic equipment. Using custom diagnostic equipment and software, our technicians provide complete system performance characteristics and recommend solutions for system enhancement. Our technicians have many years of experience in diagnosing system failures and continually update themselves with the latest technology available. No matter what the system, ServoCon ALPHA can provide a diagnostic evaluation to get you up and running or ensure optimum system performance.

The Fluid Service at ServoCon ALPHA is designed to obtain optimum hydraulic equipment life, while lowering overall system operating costs. By bringing these services to you, the Fluid Service offers expert, over the phone fluid and hydraulic system analysis. Our Fluid Service Technicians are trained to evaluate this analysis and make recommendations to optimize system performance. Our leading edge products in contamination, pressure, and flow detection, along with our filter cart's one pass filtration technology are effective in cleaning up your fluid. Knowing the condition of your system fluid is important in determining the system stability.

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