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Simulation fascinates people in parks and attractions all over the world. People love to face the impossible, the unexpected and the ultimate experience. Stimulating human senses by sophisticated illusions is one basis of the unique success of our technology. Usually simulators are based on hydraulic motion systems with six-degrees-of-freedom (6-DOF) and payloads from 150 kg to 25 tons. One shuttle can carry up to 80 passengers in an open theatre or closed cabin configuration.

In many entertainment applications large numbers of people need to be moved inside buildings. Passengers are sitting or standing, facing projection, audio and effect systems. Exciting show effects, air-conditioning, fire protection and other equipment complete the individual motion ride, tailored to your ideas and imaginations.

Many years ago a carrousel was one of the most exciting things in a theme park. Nowadays visitors want to experience forces of many Gs. The expectations of the today's theme park visitors are demanding more exciting rides. To be able to build these rides, manufacturers must depend on the expertise of drive and control specialists like ServoCon ALPHA.

Ride variations include from very small standard applications to award winning attractions. ServoCon ALPHA has over 30 years of experience in the design and servicing of control products used in these applications. Our industrial application involvement has resulted in diversification with use of these same products to provide entertainment.

Entertainment projects range from animators depicting large creatures (crabs, spiders, dinosaurs, snakes) with multiple hydraulic control components used in motion picture production to 360 degree theaters that have multiple seats coupled to hydraulic actuators providing realist movements as the films are viewed.

Listed below are some applications using hydraulic controlled simulators for entertainment.

  • Expo-Jet® simulator cinema, for 80 visitors:
    Major attraction of the German Pavilion at the Expo 1998 and in the OCEANIS edutainment center in Wilhelmshaven.
  • Simulator Cinema, Expo 2000 in Hanover, pavilion of the European Union:
    3 FUNDRIDE simulators for 105 visitors at the same time
  • Galaxy Simulator Cinema at Phantasialand:
    16 motion shuttles for 16 persons each
  • Phoenix Mega Motion Seat:
    Two-seater simulator- As a mobile unit it has been the major attraction of road shows for several customers.

Warranty and Maintenance: We offer extended warranty periods as well as service and maintenance contracts adapted to your special requirements.

Spare parts will be shipped immediately on request

Contact and Support: We have a service hotline for urgent requests.

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